Cell Phone Adventures continued….

To continue my quest, I went into the local Telcel store today to ask THEM if they could get me one of these phones sometime between now and the next milennium. I said “can you check and see whether the computer has registered that I’ve paid off the old phone and can you also ask what sort of deal I might be able to get on this new one I want?” I am starting to feel like Don Quixote tilting at windmills (or perhaps, cell phone towers….)

“Sorry, Señora,  it appears that right now the system is down but I can call you at your house later on…”

They closed an hour ago so I guess nothing is going to happen till tomorrow, when I will most assuredly be out when they call. But of course they won’t so I’ll have to call them again (sigh).

Just buying this thing at J&R or someplace like it in Nueva York is looking more and more attractive all the time. I’m trying to help the Mexican economy, honestly, but you gotta wonder.

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