Ardillas Redux

Well, as we were basking yesterday morning in the felicitous outcome of our Baby Squirrel saga, we heard MORE terrified screeching from upstairs and it turned out that another tiny squirrel had been brought in by the cats! Ay Dios Mio. But this time we at least knew what to do and we offered to deliver this second baby straight to the Critter Squads’ offices, which thankfully (this being L.A.) are really close to where we are. It’s odd – we thought the cats were hunting, but maybe they are just trying to rescue them? Who knows.

For this second one was also, fortunately, in perfect condition – just scared and dehydrated, and it turned out that this one was a GIRL – Squirrel #1’s sister. Anyway they are now both in the good hands of the Critter Squad and we can go and visit them if we want … the little boy squirrel we had rescued on Sunday is now happy and doing well – he had just had his lunch of squirrel formula and was fast asleep in his little box. So all is well, for the moment, in ardilla-landia. (in Spanish they are ardillas though Arnold calls them “esquirlos” which cracks Rosa up).

The Critter Squad folks did tell us that often squirrels have litters in threes, so there may be yet another baby squirrel lurking out in Wendy’s garden. No squealing or scrambling around upstairs at this moment, but we remain on high alert.

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