The Police Investigated And….

…the hot-off-the-press news about the body by the donut shop is that apparently the poor guy wasn’t killed by narcos, a jealous romantic rival, or anything like that. It was, they say, DOGS! A pack of street dogs apparently attacked the guy around 2:30 in the morning, chewed him up, cut a major artery and he bled to death. How did he get to be naked? Or WAS he completely nude after all? Everyone around here is saying “WHA’????” Some people did report hearing dogs barking but there are so many dogs around here running around loose in the street that no one would pay any attention if they heard dogs in the middle of the night. It turned out that the victim wasn’t a young guy, but in his fifties, and he lived right around there, he was a laborer. These dogs hang around all the time, so did he goad them somehow? No one can figure out how dogs attacked this guy and killed him without there having been much more of a ruckus as it was right in town — but there you have it. Was he very. very drunk, drugged, just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Pues, pobrecito, it is “destino” if god calls you and it’s your time. Will anyone do anything to deal with the stray dogs? Not a chance.

If it’s true, at least we are saved the inevitable cascade of questions from our friends up in El Norte, saying “omigod how can you stay there when they are killing people right on the street corners??!” Of course it’s also Mexico, who knows if if this is really what took place or not. But — well, for the moment, they say it was a pack of dogs. I am sure that more will come out about this, as far as the police are concerned, I suspect it is case closed, and on to the next weird death for them to investigate. The family is apparently asking for a further investigation but it remains to be seen whether anything will come of it.

Meanwhile the “frente frio” (cold front) we suffered last week — meaning we had to put on socks and sweaters and complain to everyone we see about it — has passed, the gray skies are gone, and it’s warming up here – since we have no heat in our houses that is a welcome development!

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